An Open Bar Hackathon

Can you code?
Join us in an attempt to discover the fabled Ballmer Peak.

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San Francisco

June 17, 2016

Orange County

June 1, 2016

Los Angeles

June 1, 2016

San Francisco

June 1, 2016

New York City

June 1, 2016

Las Vegas

Coming Soon

What is it?

The Ballmer Peak-a-thon is what would result if a meetup collided with a hackathon. It's a 5 hour open bar hacking party for ridiculousness.

You won't build a business, you might need a lift home, and you just might find the Ballmer Peak.

Full bar, bartender, and food provided.

How does it work? Simple:

1. Pick a domain name from our list.
2.Hack anything... as long as it fits your domain.
3.Show it off.

So you have some questions…

BYOL - Bring your own laptop... Unless you want to code on a whiteboard or something.

Five hours isn't a lot of time. Don't spend it installing gems, tracking down SDK's, or fighting with MongoDB - come prepared!

Ballmer PEAK, not Ballmer GUTTER
Our goal is to drink and code, not blackout and vom. Know your limits and everyone will have a good time. Ignore your limits and you may find more-than-embarassing photos on reddit the next day.

We'll have fun at the event, but be sober before you go anywhere. Even better, have a friend pick you up or get a taxi.